How can I split profits with my partner in another country?


I am in the early stages of setting up a page with another person. I am in the UK they are in AUS. I would appreciate any advice or tips on how I can legally and fairly split the profits with them. All I can think of at the moment is just one of us accepting all the money and calculating the split then sending it to them, which (even tho we trust each other) of course some would find uncomfortable and would incur charges.

Thank you in advance.


Hello darksite,
The option you are seeking is currently UNAVAILABLE in this platform.

The only viable solution would be to utilize a single Fiverr account for all revenues and then using your personal system for paying off part of the earnings to another individual.

Also since both of you are in different geographically territory, you WOULD incur currency conversion devoid of any method that you utilize.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Hello @darksidewinder,

I think this feature is UNAVAILABLE on fiverr but maybe seniors will help you.



The question is who will pay the income tax? One who will receive the money directly from fiverr is going to be responsible for it.


Well if you really trust each other then open a paypal business account then deposit all the money there, withdraw half then leave the rest for the other person.