How can I spot a bad customer even before he buys?


Hey everyone, I’m just curious if anyone has some good tips on spotting bad buyers…? I would really appreciate any feed back.


Thank you very much for your comment Madmoo, I have already read that thread and it is a great technique! But I usually have my doubts when it comes to newly registered users. I know how it is… the people who have been on fiverr for a while might not trust the new guy. But it’s difficult for the new guy to trust the NEW GUY! hahaha Is that crazy? Doesn’t even make sense… I know. But so far it’s been smooth sailing for me. Except for a couple “pretend to be customers who look to get a freebie” But so far I loveeeeeeeee Fiverr!


Great advise @madmoo and so far I have been doing my best to over deliver to ensure that all my buyers are happy customers.