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How can I start getting sales again?

I got pretty lucky early on in my first 2 months and got 80 dollars even though it was 60 hours of work because I didn’t want to start with <5 star reviews.

Yet, I haven’t gotten messages or more than a few clicks on my gigs in the last two weeks.

Is there a trick to promoting my gig and getting some momentum?


I think you aren’t doing marketing of your gigs properly. Please share your gigs on social media platforms. Get clicks from there & be patient.
Hope you’ll get orders very soon.

I don’t have experience marketing gigs, I just want to say that I’m kind of jealous of your gig descriptions. I wish I were that witty.

Personally I just got orders through buyer requests for the longest time, although now because of how few there are it might not be as viable an option anymore.

I don’t have any social media. Do you know if there are places for people to post their gigs on the forum or similar?

Buyer requests have been empty every time I checked so far. Guess editing isn’t too popular right now.

I actually enjoyed reading your gig description and profile info :slight_smile:
However, I think you should do something about the portfolio. A video would be awesome, but I would recommend changing the cover photos to something that tell me right away what you do and what’s the key selling point.

Regarding videos, take a look at the top rated sellers. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but a decent edit is a plus. Why video, well you’ve probably seen that descriptions don’t say much as anyone can copy the content from someone else. Video on the other hand is a bit more difficult to copy and it shows if you’re a native speaker or not.

PS. Your prices are ridiculously low. To me it would look a bit fishy if I see $10 for 12K words.


Thanks for the great advice, I’ll start working on a video as soon as I can.

I actually put my price really low to the point I made <$2 an hour so I can get sales, but I guess it’s having the opposite effect. I’ll try putting it higher for a week if it changes anything.

Thanks again


Nope. There is no trick. If you want to be successful with marketing, you just need to reach out to your target customers and show them how you can solve their problems.


I feel your pain! I have social media, but I don’t want to be that friend who is pushing her loved ones to buy services. One thing I did that helped is the creation of multiple gigs for essentially the same thing, and I painted a picture of what that would look like in the description - complete with multiple-level packages. I started with the maximum amount of gigs (virtual nonprofit assistant, nonprofit consultant, nonprofit writer/editor, translator, spreadsheet nerd, etc.). I think this help me come up multiple times when people looked up “nonprofit”. As orders started coming in, I dropped the gigs that didn’t convert to orders.

If I had time for more gigs outside my 9-5 job, I would have refined those other gigs until I found the magic combination to get traffic.

Maybe this approach could help you. Editors do more than edit, right? :slight_smile:

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This is against Fiverr TOS to create multiple gigs for exactly same service so Fiverr can remove such gigs any time they trace them. So be careful!

It looks like you’re off to a good start!

For one thing:

"I can’t post or send links through Fiverr, though if you’d like a sample of my poem or an example of how I edit them, I’d be happy to send some. "

What you can do, is take a screenshot of your work, and include it in the gig photos.

Also, I would recommend not mentioning anything about work for school, since that is not allowed here.

One thing that has gotten me a loyal repeat customer is promoting my gig here in the forum. There is a special category specifically for promoting your gig. I wouldn’t do it very often, but its there to use, and actually I don’t see any rules about how often you can post there. The second time I used it I got nothing, but hey! every bit helps.

I’m assuming you’ve kept your eye on the buyers requests. I’ve only ever tried that once, but that’s what everyone is told to do when you’re just getting started.

I would also try to figure out other gigs you can offer as well. It’s strange, because I’ve noticed over the past 3 months since I started here certain gigs get action, and then others do, and then a gig I didn’t expect was going anywhere got two orders in the same day!

I also am currently in the habit of working many more hours than I probably should get paid for, but 13 :star::star::star::star::star: ratings is a good start, and I consider all of that work a proper investment both in fiverr, and myself.

Good luck!

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