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How can i start my discussion with buyer

when clients come to me on how to start a conversation with them. how can i fix the budget on his project? when should i send him a custom offer


When they contact you, just discuss every part of your work, ask, what exactly the buyer needs, how many days can you have for this work. Of course, reply to the message as soon, as possible. And when everything is clear, when you decided what price is ok and how many days is ok, send him a custom offer or an offer from your gigs. Or he can just buy one of your gigs


how can i talk directly to buyers? is there anyway to send them messages? i am here from 15days but have not received any order although i have receive very impressive response but did not get any order please help me out …
is there any way that we will help each other for getting order done. ???


Only if they message you first, otherwise it’s spam.


15 days is nothing - many people wait for the first order for 1-2 months. Be patient. Work on your gigs, work on key words and improve your skills. But don’t try to contact people directly and offer services - you can be blocked for spam

Firsly Check your buyer requirements! If you able to do the job. Next you know about timeline & bugget!

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