How can I start providing my services?


I am new here .
I Wanted to start my services but can’t ?
How can I be a seller ?


Hello @anu_0016,

Welcome to Fiverr. This a great question every new member gets “How can I make myself useful?”.
Well, this depends on what type of service you want to offer. If you could provide me this information I might be able to guide you.

Good luck! I’ll wait your reply.


Glad you replied soon!
Services related to data getting and formal writings like
Waiting for your reply.


I am not completely sure about that specific market.

My best advice would be to see how others with the same skills/services sell and you can get an idea of how they present their profile.

That is what I did and it worked wonders, as always, focus on the gig image and the description, that is the first impression you always need to ace. Also, use the ‘buyer requests’ so you can see what buyers are looking for.

I hope this clears your doubts.

Have a good one!


I don’t have any problem with that but i. Not able to make my own gig or
get my own gig.
That’s what I asked how can I get/make my own gig?


When did you post it?


When did I post what ???


Anu, all you have do here is to make sure you are good in what ever you are bringing here, set you gigs and give each price according to how you sell, and make sure the you set the appropriate days in-wish you can use to deliver any customer offer. be reliable and staying on line. treat you customer with respect and give the best service you can.


Thank you so much for your help.