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How can I start?

Well i’ve been here for more tha three years and i haven’t found any contact, i was a teenager when i found This app but i am an adult now and i have bills to pay, how do you do it? What can I do?


My little Tip

Hey friend to get more orders on your Gig, you should go high on top pages on your niche,

you need to be more active online

Create an eye catching gig base on your Niche and what you can offer

then Create good eye catching GIG IMAGES

after that promote your Gig on Social Platforms

and lastly visit the BUYER REQUEST SECTION and keep sending Job Proposals

awww thak you so much

Maybe optimize some of the gig titles/descriptions.

eg. one gig title says “I will colours and simple background”. It’s not all that clear what you will do in the gig from that title.

One gig title says “I will be drawing cut characters” - do you mean “cute characters” there?

The “I will be drawing cute portraits for you” has a description that is mostly in Spanish. You could make it so that the part that is in Spanish is also in English so that buyers know more about what you will do in the gig and it should help in Fiverr searches too I think.

Aw wow thank you so much

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find the few tips of gig improvement.

Improve Gig:

  1. Chose an attractive image for your gig.
  2. Do SEO of your image.
  3. chose strong keywords for your gig search on Fiverr.
  4. Keep promoting your gig on social media. (twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc)
  5. Dot copy the description from other sellers gig.
  6. set the price badge on current market competition.
  7. Create Your gig badge on customer demand.
  8. Make your gig for specific customers who really need your service. then you will get more orders.

Best of Luck… :slight_smile:

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