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How Can I stay Online in 24 hours

Most of the person says stay online 24 hours. How is it possible. Should I use autorefresh?


No you should not try to game the system.

It will get you nothing in return.

Fiverr most likely sees when there’s something weird about user behavior.

And your gigs will lose their ranking.


Thanks for your kind suggestion.

This is what can happen: Today first time i got tos violation warning


Do not use any kind of autorefresh programs. Just keep your Fiverr account open on the browser and install the Fiverr mobile application.


Most people do not say stay online 24 hours a day.

Inexperienced sellers with little or no feedback who repeat bad advice say this.

On the other hand, experienced sellers with morals and who value their buyers say don’t try and trick people into messaging you or buying your gigs.

If you try to show yourself online as 24 hours a day then you are being fraudulent.

It’s not nice. It’s dishonest. Don’t do it.

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It’s no need to stay online 24 hours brother

Yes, if you want to be banned or get a warning from Fiverr.
More info:

It is very stupid advice. Just be online when you are really online

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Never use an auto refresh extension or tool to stay online as fiverr system might detect it as suspicious. Just stay online for as long as you can in real time. Whenever you are near your laptop or working, keep fiverr open and browse or refresh it after some time. Opening fiverr app often helps to keep your status online so you may open fiverr app after some time when you are out but are able to actively reply your clients.

Let me know if you have any queries or questions.
Thank you so much!

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