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How can i step through this problem?

A buyer ordered my gig & I failed to complete it without his info.I messaged to that buyer but poor response… AfTer 2 days without responded to my messages he marked the order as delivered and gave me a negative feedback…after that he requested a refund… if he need a refund why he marked the order as delivered? while.there is an option to cancel the order and get refund.
what should i do now? please help.
to make a refund now only way is requesting his pay pal and make a refund.
is it legal for this sort of situation?

What ?!
A buyer can’t mark an order as delivered unless you delivered something
You shouldn’t wait for him to ask for a refund, you should’ve cancelled the order when he didn’t submit the infos
You can’t request his paypal to refund him you’ll kill your account thats against the rules
Contact customer support to cancel it, remove the bad feedback and refund the buyer
And pleaaaase, Pleaaaase read Fiverr terms and rules and visit the fiverr academy to learn how fiverr works.

fiverr does mark as ‘delivered’ when buyer does not respond within 3 days, so this might have been an automated delivery rather than buyer marking as delivered.

But she said she failed to deliver. Only after the delivery the order will marked complete automatically after 3 days.

thanks for the information…here is the full story…buyer request me to sign up under his referral link as his referral & complete daily task & signed up under him & delivered his order.after that every time i logged that site no surveys and task for me i asked from the buyer about that he did nt response…after two days with no response he marked the order as delivered & put a negative feedback & also requested a refund…

The system marks the order completed after 3 days of delivery whether the buyer responded or not, if you think you don’t deserve the negative rating, contact customer support, explain what happened to them, they will remove it, and don’t refund him if you did your job, it was his fault not responding

Never, ever, do a task that requires signing up for anything. This screams scam.