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How can I stop Fiverr sending me order reminding emails?


Just go to your account settings and ( normally at )

…wish I had this problem…;-D

OK, @ericcheung123 I have to ask…how are your gigs legal? Can you walk me through how that works? (Obviously I’m not asking for trade secrets here, but I can’t see how you are not violating copyright law. I realize you are in China where copyright law is a bit lax, but any buyer in a country that takes Copyright serious would be violating it.) How do you get around that?

you want to stop them???

i look around 20 times a day on my email for such message …but every time disappointment… :frowning:



#Richpeopleproblems :slight_smile:

Reply to @joethorn: It’s not rich problem, say if you get 1 gig order, Fiverr will send you 2 emails, 10 will get you 20 emails, and you have to delete them all.

Reply to @armer: Found it in settings in the Fiverr app, but it doesn’t work, you will still get emails.

Reply to @ericcheung123: ok but… where’s the problem? I know sellers receiving 100 orders per day and they’ve never complained about Fiverr emails and mobile app notifications…

Reply to @ericcheung123: OK then. Actually, you are right. It’s not copyright. I stand corrected. But resale of discounted serial No’s and coupons are a violation of pretty much every companies coupon code since the first coupon was invented. Resale automatically voids the code or coupon which means your buyers are obtaining the software using less than acceptable means. Some folks think that’s theft.

But you just keep on, keeping on.



Reply to @ericcheung123: Got you a little fired up there didn’t I. To be expected as I did call you out. I don’t need a reply, you just keep on keeping on…

Reply to @theslackjaw: I think we could stop this conversation: CS removed this user barely legal gigs :wink:

Reply to @mark74: Done and done. Nice weather we’re having huh?