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How can I stop pre-order messages?

Hi, does anyone know a non-rude way to make buyers place orders and not waste my time with needless messaging?

I’ve tried:

"The sooner you order, the sooner I get started. I’m not in front of my computer 24/7, so messaging me delays completion of your project. "

Yet I still get messages.

I thought about writing.

“Please do not message me. I don’t have time to answer your messages.”

But I fear that’s rude and might stop me from getting orders .


I spend hours answering messages but it’s how I get custom orders. The questions after delivery take even more time for me.


As a seller, I think that’s a perfect message. However, I think that would sound rude, and I’d probably avoid you if I were a buyer and saw that. But you can word it nicely and keep the same message. Maybe you can try something like,

“Time is money, so let’s not waste it on messages! Feel free to order now so I can start working on your order.”

Or something that sounds a bit less like a cliché, although I find they always get the right message across (there’s a reason why they’re clichés).


I’m lucky after I deliver for the most part. My issue are pre-order messages, they seem to outnumber orders, sometimes they do.

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I like that. I think I’m going to steal it. Thanks.


Anytime. Here’s hoping it works!

"Time is money, so let’s not waste it on messages! Feel free to order now so I can start working on your order."

I agree that this message would be the best answer to clients. It doesn’t sound rude and it makes the buyer realize the benefits of ordering right away. Sometimes buyers needs to be reminded but as sellers we need to use the right words to say so as not to drive them away.


Probably me too :grin:

You can avoid pre-order messages by:

  1. Very detailed but to the point Gig description.
  2. Better Gig package description with and not just Basic, Standard in names and less complex, much complex as their description.
  3. By understanding what client might think / ask before ordering and keeping all those queries pre-answered in FAQs section.

These three points will bring your pre-order questions rate very down.
And it’s now time to be happy when you get a pre-order question, because that buyer most probably will be the one in need of something more than your gig, he came for custom offer and you can price according to his needs.


Are they asking the same questions? What is it they ask? Is it something you can answer in the gig description? Probably not, most don’t read it.


The best way to stop needless pre-order messages from Clients is to build an independent online presence where you offer your Services as a Copywriter (preferably your own website), where you’ll firmly state that no one can message you before placing the order (sending you money) first, as your time is too valuable.

As a Seller on Fiverr however, you agree to Fiverr’s ToS, rules and mechanisms.

Fiverr allows buyers to contact sellers - as much as they want.

They encourage Sellers to respond. In fact, good response rate and time are one of prerequisites of being Level 1 + Sellers.

Therefore, as a Seller, by offering your Services on this platform you’re agreeing to answer those messages.

That’s the technical aspect of the issue.

As a Copywriter - you most probably know that when it comes to selling, it all comes down to perception.

In Buyer’s mind, as one of the Sellers offering services on a $5 Platform, your time is far from being valuable enough to bypass answering their messages. “If his time was so valuable he wouldn’t be here offering content for $5, and we wouldn’t be able to reach him at all”, is what they think.

This is why: “Please do not message me. I don’t have time to answer your messages.” is most certainly a terrible idea. It will most likely elicit a “why are you here then?” response coupled with, “why have you enabled me to contact you then?”

Sending such a message is not rude, per se. It’s delusional in a way.

It’s like an MMA fighter refusing to do a press conference before or after the fight. Yeah - it might fly once or twice, but soon enough, he’ll stop getting matches. Why? “You signed up for it, it’s a part of the deal. Even though you may not like it or feel its a waste of time that takes you away from training.”

It’s the same with Buyers messages. If you want to outgrow them - you simply need to outgrow Fiverr.

It’s that simple.


Just send a custom order to anyone and everyone who messages you. Make it a little bigger than the usual regular order. After all, that’s the real purpose of the message system: to get an order so cut right to the point.


I can only see 2 FAQ submissions on your gig pages. Spend some time to add more and recieve less questions. Magic!

Also, see inbox enquiries as a way to sell more to cover the time spent answering the enquiry.


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Another option is to monetize those questions.
Create a consultation gig in which you “discuss your project with you for 30 mins - $25” or “Answer 5 questions about your project - $25”. Send this offer to people who ask too many questions. You will find this has one of the following effects:

  • You don’t hear from the person again
  • They accept the custom offer
  • They place an order without further questions
  • They get annoyed that you want to be paid for your time - generally, it is best to just wish them luck with their project at that point.

I will try this, and if it helps, I would owe you one more pint of Guinness. :wink:


@roots282 can i write this way?
"thank you for messaging me again sorry i have busy schedule i ll see you later"
will works? in there any rude behavior with this line? pls let me know thanks

This would make he hesitant to order from you as I can imagine what getting post sale service would be like if you are not even courteous during the sales phase.

I have to tell folks no a lot, but I do it in a nice way that makes them feel like maybe they will come back again another time.


LMAO! :joy: Good luck with that!

But in all seriousness, if I was a buyer and saw that, I’d definitely be put off. I say go with the consultation gig idea.

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That’s okay only if you do get back to them as soon as you can, be careful not to forget, maybe mark the message as unread just in case. If you’re online but can’t reply, you can write something like that, just replace “see” with “get back to you” or “message you as soon as possible”, or something along those lines if you can. Or wait until you’re available and apologise for taking long to respond (or don’t if you don’t want to, just respond to the message).

The FAQ and paid consultation gig suggestions are great ideas. Another suggestion is to create template quick replies to common questions and use those as well. That’s what I do for some responses, and it works well.