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How can i Stop Recieving Orders?

How can i Stop Recieving Orders by their Own ?
today i got an order and he said i placed it mistakenly now please cancell it .
Iam just 16 days away from level 2 so i want to stop these kind of people

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you can pause your gig or turn on out of office .

Thanks bro i have 2 questions about turning off office.
1.Will my gigs still be available in search box
2.Can new buyers send me sms

No, because it won’t be possible to buy them. Why show gigs in search if they can’t be ordered?

If you’re asking if they’ll be able to message you through your Fiverr inbox (and other method of communication is forbidden and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service), when you turn Out of Office mode on, you’ll be able to allow it.

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Tell him to use the Resolution Center. Tell him to choose “I placed the order by mistake” option.

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