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How can I successful fast as a new freelancer?

I am a new freelancer on Fiverr, I want to successful freelancer providing my Client quality service. please anybody help me how can I get a first-order on Fiverr…

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Hi, @taniarahman1
Welcome to fiverr forum.
You are new here so you need to hard work for getting first order.
active maximum time of day time in forum and try to read all daily post and collect badge.
and You should share your gig to your social channel.
Have a good day
Thank you


Thank you so much for share with me your valuable knowledge

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try to make your gig use fiverr targeting tag and keyword. Use some useful tag in your gig. It will help you to rank your gig.
Thank you

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Please help me how can I find targeting tag and keyword in Fiverr

its all about working on SEO…