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How can I successful on Fiverr and get the first order

Hi, my dear Fiverr forum community. I am new join here as well as new Fiverr. Please give me some suggestions, How can I successful on Fiverr and get the first order?
Thank you


@goffer6575 try to be active always on i mean more than12 hours. send buyer request as soon as possible before all competitor . and do gig marketing to your social media.

First thing is to READ more than 26 minutes of the forum. Your question is asked literally 100’s of times a week here - has been answered as many times and is an easy thing to research on the forum. Use the search function in the upper right hand corner of the page here to search for: how to be successful on Fiverr, how to get orders etc.

You will have way more than 26 minutes of forum posts to read.

Also, “being active” always or more than 12 hours has NO bearing on whether or not you would get orders. This is a fallacy, but many like to regurgitate this nonsense as “tips”.



Very Nice Tips for us. Thank you.

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Thank for you suggestion. I will follow this as must as possible. It help me as well as others.


Thank you for this guide.

Read it out.


Stay active as much as you can, create high quality gig image and description

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Hi there! Take a look at this post for some tips on how to be a successful seller: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

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Need well seo, social searching and daily 10 buyer request

Welcome here…

Try stay active. Try to send 10 buyer request regular. Share your gig on social media.

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Hello! Bro
How can safely shear My Gig.
Please, Explain it,
Thank you.