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How can I take a project without creating my GIG

I want to know that is there any method to bid a project without creating a GIG on

You can go to your account’s Selling Dashboard, Click More and then visit the Buyer’s request section but it isn’t possible to Big on buyer requests without a gig, so you must have a valid and approved gig before you can bid to any Buyer Requests.

No, there isn’t.

Without having at least one gig, you won’t even be able to see any projects in the Buyer Requests section (and once you create gigs, you’ll only see projects that are in the same subcategory as your gigs).

Fiverr was never meant to be a bidding site, the idea of Fiverr is that sellers create gigs, buyers browse through them, and pick the one they like.

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You can’t bid a project without creating a GIG.