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How can I tell a seller is really as good as they claim?

As the title says…after a very disappointing introduction to Fiverr and my first purchase going pear-shaped - with a terrible service provided by a seller- how can i be sure the seller is up to the task i’d be asking of them…as experience has shown the ‘feedback/reviews’ can’t be believed, but that is the only info I have on the seller.
I’m now reluctant to order again and part with my cash for fear of getting the same poor service. Unfortunately one bad apple is spoiling my experience. :pensive::pensive:
I’m needing a very competent designer to produce a logo, but cant base my decision on reviews. Thanks


Hey Mick.

I’m sorry you had a bad first experience.

When contacting a seller there are red flags and there’s definitely room to check out their claims.

Are they too keen on closing the deal?
Do they respond with a “yes” to all of your requests?

Those are red flags.

Do they ask insightful questions?
Are they polite?
Are they trying to understand your problem?


You should always ask for sample of their work. as a seller i always show them sample work to show the buyers that i can do it.

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There was a similar and extensive discussion about this recently which I think you will find useful.


THANK YOU everyone for your input…much appreciated and you’ve re-installed my faith in Fiverr, as has the CS team :blush::blush::blush: I’m now looking at several sellers whom I’m shortlisted from 40+, although their gigs don’t show anything I’m after in particular, I’m hoping with photos of examples of my specifics, they’ll be able to conjure something up. :blush:


It has generally been my experience with Fiverr that when looking for a service, you may spend more time and waste a bit of money in the beginning but as you get used to the platform, how things work, the warning signs and of course get a collection of good sellers, you begin to save a lot.


Depends, each work takes time, for a sample you can work for several hours and finally you stay with him. If you work a few hours each day for the sample, you will not have enough time to focus on real orders, the buyer has the gallery and rating offered by other clients PLUS the revision option. I personally never offer a sample. It’s just an opinion.


True. and i meant portfolio of their previous work. not everyone has portfolio in their gig.

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Unfortunately, out of the 40+ who responded to my initial query, only 3 had gigs showing something different to the others. All respondents had literally the SAME images as each other, but with different lettering/wording, leading me to believe they have NO creative skills or ability other than 'copy and paste.

  1. Use fiverr search bar and find what you are looking for then
  2. check seller review, description and portfolio to see how good he or she is then
  3. use conversation section to chat with him and ask as much as you can
  4. then if you are satisfied you can proceed order without problem.

Sorry you had a bad first experience.

My advice is to check the portfolio of the seller first. If they don’t have examples, ask for them.
Set clear and concise requirements for your project, and make sure the seller understands what you want–otherwise go with another.


Have you looked at the Pro sellers who may offer what you’re looking for?

If you’re wanting logo design, then they start at about $500, but it may give you the peace of mind you’re looking for?


Hey Mick, I know what you have been going through and yes all that you are saying is true, you cannot base your order based on reviews because perhaps they may have given, one buyer good quality work, but yet still they will give you crap. But in order for you to know whom to go to next time, you will have to try I suggest if on persons gives you quality the first time stick to that person, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and I guess not everybody is honest enough to state that. Good ordering Mick

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