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How can I tell if a buyer is legit

I have a buyer that is asking about what is already written in the gig,
including what is the price. How do I know if this is spam?

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If it is a spam, most of the times it will be flagged and the reply option disabled… Now if the person is asking question, it could be because they are new to the system. Would it hurt to answer them?

No it wouldn’t hurt! But I know from this forum that many sellers have
wasted their time on buyers that are not serious.

Most of my customers are asking me about project and how much would it cost. If he doesn’t offer “long-term business” it’s not scam probably.

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Many buyers will message several sellers with the same questions, and choose the one whose answers they like best. To them, it’s saving time, plus avoiding bait-and-switch (like directly ordering from the gig page, and then the seller tells them that they should pay more, even though they have ordered exactly what is offered in the gig)

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Got it. Good tips, thank you.