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How can i top rated seller

how can i top rated seller some unique idea

Don’t understand your question.

You want to be a Top Rated Seller or you want TRS to give you advice?

“Promotion to Top Rated Seller (TRS) status is a manual selection process performed by the Fiverr Editorial team, based on a number of criteria.”

Only Fiverr can decide if you are worthy of a TRS badge. And you just signed up this month, what makes you think you can immediately become a TRS when others have waited years to get to that level? :slight_smile:

Also, you don’t even have a Level badge yet, so that means you have a long long way to your goal. First you need to get Level 1, then Level 2, then Fiverr will decide if you are promoted to TRS.

Here’s more information on the Levels and how to get each Level:


Hello! It’s much too early for you to think about becoming a top rated seller.
I was here over two years before becoming one, working seven days a week the entire time. I never thought about being a top rated seller for my first two years.
Just deliver on time, doing your best every time. And be the best at what you do and you will get there.


I’d add not to have a description on your profile that is plagiarized.


You can start by writing your own profile description instead of using this:

Edited to add: you shouldn’t plagiarize gig descriptions, either.

Edited again to add: you shouldn’t use images you didn’t create from scratch, or don’t have the permission to use. That’s copyright infringement, and a sign for the buyer never to buy from you.

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He is a new comer. Please be gentle with him. That is all

After 4 months he’s not a newcomer anymore, that’s all :wink:

Okay. I get it. I just thought that you can be more gentle with hin

I was gentle :neutral_face: I even told him how things work.

maybe you were.
But am new here. I need serious help. I haven’t gotten any job yet. Will you order for my service? Or do you have some tips for me as well?.

You are not allowed to ask others order your service, neither here nor on Fiverr, it’s considered begging / spam.

Fiverr does not guarantee any sales - it’s up to you to get clients and sales, Fiverr only gives you the platform to work, it doesn’t give you the work itself.

Read these posts for the best tips possible.

Yeah I got that. I am not begging you to order. Am only advertising my services. In case you need it. I know that fiverr doesn’t allow spamming and I know how it works. Thanks for your insight.

In that case, you should not post in this category, and instead ask for help in the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum category.

I am not sure that Fiverr are actually making any more TRS I certainly have not heard of any being made in the last year at least. Someone correct me if I am wrong x

There is a forum for that?
Thanks. I will check it out. You have been of great help. Woofy

Yes, you can advertise your gig in the below category:

@misscrystal awesome guidelines for the post author.

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