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How can I transfer my fiverr revenues to my Payoneer Account or load into my Payoneer Master Card?



Need experts help.

I have a Payoneer Master Debit Card which I got applying directly to the I have applied that mainly to withdraw revenue from fiverr.

But I don’t know how to transfer my fiverr revenues to my payoneer account or to Load My Paynoeer Master debit Card.

Please help. Thanks.



Hello Everyone,
I recently got Payoneer Card In Pakistan but now I’m not able to withdraw my earning from my Fiverr account to my Payoneer Card.
Please help me let me know how can I do it.
I have currently $45 in my Fiverr account.

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Hmm… Isn’t it quite easy to spam while asking questions? :neutral_face:


Brother why you think so negatively.
This is not spamming. there is an open option to adding links while I didn’t want to include link but the keyword did match my blog post & finally put it.

If you are senior & have little bit about withdrawing money then please let me know I have very big issue regarding withdrawing my earning.


@fonthaunt, isn’t that aginst the forum rules?

@yasar_ali, Here is how -

  1. Go to your revenue page.
  2. Click the bank transfer button. (You need to have more than $50 for transferring via payoneer)
  3. Fiverr will send you an e-mail, click on the link in that.
  4. When payoneer opens up, it will ask you to create a new account.
  5. Click “I have already have an account” or something like that(err… can’t recall properly) in that page.
  6. Connect it to your old account.
  7. Done!


Thank you so much. I’m going to try it out & will let you know soon when it’s done.
Happy Freelancing brother. Much Appreciate.



Yes, ad links in a forum posts must be for Fiverr may only go in My Fiverr Gigs. Links in the profile must be on the Fiverr domain.


@yasar_ali. You are getting positive comments to help you avoid suspension. The disallowed links in your post and profile have been removed.



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