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How can I trust seller on Fiverr?

After I found Fiverr I will I meet my world I thought this platform can help to resolve my business.
and I also try to find the Facebook page blue badge verification service and found as below.

Now after make order I really concern.
I just finish make on order (order no #FO4EE50D9704 ) 3 pages for getting verification from FB and that just create and he said he can do for me and 100% and 100% guarantee
#This is his profiles.
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I spend almost 1k$ and after completed with a perfect system I feeling too worried about how because after order process status to progress, he don’t reply any message with in message box and order process form. I feeling not much sense right now. should I process cancel order or waiting for him?
Give me some advice please
1 should I process to cancel or waiting him?
2 If I cancel order what is the the method that I can refund.

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How long does the seller have to deliver the order, and how long is it since you sent the messages?

Some sellers are very busy and might deliver just in time, or if they have enough time to fulfill the order timely, they might even be away and not have internet access.
Maybe send another message on the order page and ask for an update until (concrete date).

Not replying to messages, of course, isn’t the best customer service, and I understand being worried if you don’t hear anything back to your messages in a normal timeframe, especially with an expensive order like that, but in theory, as long as the seller will deliver the promised result/s before the deadline, and updates to the status of the order weren’t part of the order, they’ll keep up their end of the business.
You will have the option to rate your seller/order in 3 different areas, one of them being communication, so you can express your experience there, but please keep in mind that timezones exist, a seller might be working a day job and such (just have to add this here since you didn’t mention how much time has passed since you messaged the seller).

As long as the deadline hasn’t yet passed, you don’t really have a reason to cancel. But if the seller won’t deliver in the end, of course you will be able to cancel and get a refund, either via the resolution center, or customer support in case there is something shady going on, but maybe the seller just didn’t yet have the opportunity to react to your messages and will do so soon.

Make sure to check the delivery, once the seller delivers, so you can request a revision if needed.

I have no idea in how far it is possible/permissible to offer such services on behalf of someone else, I’m not sure how someone could not succeed in verifying their own account, while a third party might, and with a 100% guarantee even, but I don’t know, so I can’t comment on the seller’s gig description that you pasted;
however, you trusted this seller already, so now you’ll have to see if they’ll deliver as promised, and if they won’t, you will still have the option of asking for a revision or cancellation, but you can’t well cancel before it’s clear that they won’t deliver what they promised.

In case they won’t deliver on time, and once the order has gone into “very late” status (I think that’s either 24 or 48 hours after the actual delivery time, you can probably find that info under the link to the Buyer Help Center I provided above), you’ll be able to cancel the order from your side, without needing the seller to accept it, or to engage customer support.


I get scamming on this beautiful platform
Please check my q: Scamming my order

Oh my oh my, as I remember this services are not allowed on fiver and fiverr is removing this kind of gigs.
On top of that no one can Give 100% guarantee that they can verify Your account.

Please don’t put all the blame on fiverr. They are doing their best at removing such gigs but it takes time and people can create new gig every day.
You are also the one who decided to look for services that might be not allowed and kind of shady.


Sorry I need to change but now can I get money back I already summited my order cancellation

So system need to filter when peoples input their service title to avoid this case. I think it does not to create this filter because I am also a developer.

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