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How can I trust the programmers on fiverr?

I have an app idea and I need someone to do it for me. I just don’t know if I can trust the programmers on fiverr. I don’t want them to use my idea or create something out of my idea. What can I do? How can I make sure my idea is safe?


First, most programmers are very proud creatures and won’t stoop low down to plagiarism. Never.
But if you are doubtful check out a trustworthy programmer with good reviews and then tell about the project.
You can also try not telling them the complete idea but only about the job, such as this is what you have to make and not tell them why you want it made.
And don’t worry so much. Chill out! :slight_smile:

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Don’t pick the cheapest one, but reliable and you won’t be tricked.
I receive hundreds of ideas during my workday, people are sending sources asking if something can or cannot be done. Often I don’t even get paid, but I’ve never used what they sent me in any way other than to answer their own questions.
We cannot do everything, people have very limited capacity and I can barely deal with my regular workload.

A mere idea is not subject to copyright law, patents protect inventions, copyright protect the expression of the idea. if you want to protect yourself you would have to get the programmer to assign all rights of ownership of the program created to you. Without that document, if he ends up being an unethical programmer, he could sell whatever program he creates from your idea and you would have no recourse.

If you feel strongly about safeguarding yourself legally, it would be best to consult with a copyright lawyer.

Reply to @mrtrevor: While a lawyer isn’t a bad idea, some of your post is semi-incorrect. An idea in your head may not be protected since you can’t prove it was in your mind first. If I had an idea about writing a novel about an insane woman who rescues a writer and then tortures him, Stephen King’s money is safe.

If I had written my idea down in rough draft and named it Misery with the insane woman named Sally and ordered a Fiverr gig to have it rewritten ready for publication, that’s different. Maybe the writer I paid cancels my order because he has the flu. If my book shows up under another author’s name with minor differences, I can sue and win. Once its written down, it’s protected.

You can’t protect your idea.
This is the truth. If you want to be sure, do it yourself or hire a software company and make a contract.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

In my opinion, ideas are overrated. Most of us have lots of great ideas everyday. A success in business is not that much about the idea, but about its execution, and especially about your capacity to monetize it: finding the right clients, marketing, and all that boring stuff (at least for me).

Most developers code because they love it, and that’s what they want to do. So I wouldn’t worry too much about your idea being stolen.

Personally, as a programmer on Fiverr, I find this question a bit offensive. The question should not be:

“How can I trust the programmers on fiverr?”

It should be:

“How can I trust programmers with my idea?”

If you have any trust issues or reservations, that shouldn’t be due to the fact the programmers are on Fiverr - that has nothing to do with it. This is a common question and reservation within the industry NOT exclusive to Fiverr. Was Mark Zuckerberg a Fiverr seller when hired by the Winklevoss twins?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. Here are two things you can do:

  1. Have any participants sign an NDA and/or non-compete contract

  2. Hire multiple people to work on different areas or aspects - so not one person wrote and has access to the full code or knows the full workings of the program

More options are available but these are two of the simplest.

All that being said, a good programmer is very unlikely to steal your idea for multiple reasons, including:

  1. Right now only you rate your idea. Not to be rude but programmers often receive 100’s of ideas and requests, do you really think the idea is that special?

  2. A good programmer is ethical and has morals

  3. A good programmer never has the time to work on their own projects! I am forever helping clients and rarely even get a day to work on my own stuff.

Reply to @fonthaunt: So you say it’s totally fine if I find a programmer with good reviews and tell him about my idea? And if I do this since it’s written down nothing could happen? Don’t get me wrong I’m sure most of these people have good work ethics and all that but I’m kind of new to these stuff and I just want to make sure everything is good.

Reply to @eyagmurlu16: No, I’m saying that if the seller did steal your idea and you can prove it, you theoretically have legal recourse.