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How can I turn off live portfolio after delivery?


Since January 15, I use live portfolio.

I was under the impression that it was possible to turn it off after it had been activated.

On delivery, it shows like a little white box in the top right hand corner of the delivery.

I even wondered whether anyone would be able to read some text there.

My buyer did not want the translation to be showcased, so I thought it would be possible to turn it off.

Therefore, I adjusted my gig settings.

On re-delivery, the portfolio was still there, and there was no possibility to turn it off.

Meanwhile, I have notified Customer Support to fix this.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any suggestions?

What do I do when CS cannot answer in a timely fashion?

I really do not want to showcase a text when it is not wanted!

Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you so much!

I will notify my buyer immediately.