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How can i turn red arrows into green?

hello everyone!
I hope you all will be doing good.
please help me understand the arrow thing. I don’t know they have turned into red and please tell me how can I turn them back to green.

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can you please shear a screen shot your problem?

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@webfixing here!


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Here is what to do for a better ranking/more orders on Fiverr :

Keywords, choose the best 5 keywords for your gigs related to the services you are offering.
Thumbnails, High-quality thumbnails/images for your gigs. ( this will attract buyers to come to check your profile )
Gigs titles, use some of your keywords in your gigs titles.
Description put the keywords again in sentences in your description and be clear of what you’re offering in that specific gig.
Buyer requests, send offers to buyers, even if they don’t order from you, they will come to check your profile and then impressions/clicks will go up
Cancellations, do your best to avoid cancellations for the last 60 days by offering extras for free ( buyer will be happy/interested and won’t cancel the order )
Hope this helps.


Thank you so much @webfixing,
This really helped me :slight_smile: