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How can I understand about fake buyers and real buyers?

In fiverr I get many fake buyers… How to know that they are actually real . I get 2 buyers in fiverr but they scammed me… What to do ?? Please suggest me

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Did they actually place some orders or they just wrote you messages? Anyhow, I usually check their profile, see how much information they have there, if they are starred from other sellers… things like that. I don’t know what you’ve tried so far, that’s what I usually do and it usually works.

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I just share the authors post,madam.

They ask me lot of questions and then refuse me… then when I check their profile I find they are seller not buyer actually. And some other buyer ask me to start the work because they don’t get their fund. Some other ask me to contact them on app … this things harassed me so much

I can imagine, I’m sorry this happened. Unfortunately I can only suggest you what I’ve already written above, maybe somebody else here has a better solution.


Thanks for your suggestion

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Congratulations for your good work

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