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How can I update requirements and price of a project as a buyer?

I am buyer and seller has done great work so far on my project. We’ve hit a wall and there is a feature that he won’t be able to deliver. We negotiated a smaller dollar amount for the project the way it is. How can I make this change to the requirements as well as the price? Of course, seller should get notified and agree to the change on their side. After that how would I get refund for the remaining amount (eg. would it be refunded to the same cc that I used previously)?


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Partial refunds aren’t something Fiverr offers. The ONLY workaround method is to build a brand new custom order with the new terms, complete it fully, then cancel the original one. It’s best to get Customer Support involved prior to this process as well, since a cancellation will hurt your Seller if it doesn’t go through CS.