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How can I upload more than 3 photos to the gig

Hello friends, I’m new to the site, I can not upload more than 3 pictures to my gig, I do not feel that three pictures will be enough for a new user to get jobs and projects


compile multiple image into one large image. Use the pdf option below


There is no option to upload more than 3 image.But think this will be helpful for you


You can make a video slideshow with images or you can make a PDF portfolio as suggested below


you can not add more than three images in your gig.
you can add a video for betterment.


You can edit several images into each one, but most important, when you start delivering and completing orders, those works will be added to your portfolio (I believe there’s still a restriction, whether the buyer allows for it to be displayed or not).

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You need to make a gallery into one photo, and most of the people are doing this.
For more details you can check designing gig in fiverr

compile your images into a video and upload it. Videos improve your chance of getting hired

Yes three isn’t enough but you can add video which is best option plus it also boost your gig more compare to no video gig.
Also you can take screenshot of multiple images of your work and upload this as one image.

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But I saw there are lots of seller have more than three images in there gig. How they do that ?