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How can I upload more than 3 pictures on a gig

So i saw some other topics about that . And people said - this cannot happen you can upload pdf , video and 3 pictures that’s it . Okay this is the options i have . But if you search for gigs you can see so much gigs definitely with more than 3 pictures - 10 12 maybe . How can I do it too .

Am new here but i think i know the answer, if you are new seller you can’t ! you only allowed to upload 3 pictures and 1 video. + if you see other sellers have more those pictures are the Live portofolio of jobs they took here from clients. any work they done its been added to your gig gallery :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply . Maybe that’s it .

This is seller portfolio, when seller delivers the work and buyer accepts it as portfolio.