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How can i use buyer request?

Any one could explain how to request a buyer??

This one can help you

Thanks! I Hope it works!! :blush:

Do you mean? you want to hire some service?

No. To get more sales.

Please advertise your service as much as you can.

#Good Question!
I am happy that you actually took the pain of asking people, rather than taking a step, when confused! Always do that. Let me tell you a few things, which I guess, would help the new guys who read this thread.

  1. Buyer Requests is a page where the buyer makes requests. The page name suggests exactly that, but for many of us who do not belong to native English speaking country, it is hard to understand in the first instance. Little brush up on English would clarify this!

  2. “Buyer Requests” may sound like “Request the Buyer for work.” But this is not the case! It is a list of all the requests that the buyer(s) has made.

  3. How can a Buyer Request for work? YES! The Buyer has to ALWAYS request as they are at the receiving end. We do their work when they request us to do. I got this exact question in one of the Fiverr forums on FB. (Surprised? It’s True!) Hope that clarifies!

  4. There is NO WAY on FIVERR to contact “unknown” buyers! Which means, you cannot request any buyer to give you work, unless you have already worked or contacted her earlier. It is the Buyer who comes to your ‘SHOP’ to buy! Not the other way around. You can ONLY Apply to the requests posted by the Buyers!

  5. Posting by a Seller in the Buyer Requests page is not welcomed by the Admins/Moderators. This can be escalated and bring harm to your account & career here on Fiverr.

:four_leaf_clover: Request to all Sellers: STOP POSTING ON BUYER REQUESTS PAGE.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to ask if you have more queries like this.
1 Thing to learn from @ldnarquitectura: When in doubt, ASK!

:bulb: Happy to Help!

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Thanks for all your recomendations!

You are welcome, @ldnarquitectura :slight_smile:

:bulb: All the Best!

  1. Go to a classified site owned by Craig, Mark or Luke
  2. Make a post saying you want to go out to dinner and that he/she/it will pay for diner
  3. Pick from the replies

There, you requested a buyer of your dinner