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How can i use fiverr if going to another country?

i need help,may be i will go to USA or UAE for Job,can i use fiverr on my current location or need to change?if need to change,then how can?please guide me.


“Fiverr Anywhere” is a completely different feature, that makes you offer your gigs on every blog, website, and similar platforms. In general, it’s a tool.

I had used my account in a couple of countries, and different cities within my country, I never had any problems. In case you do not believe me, you can open a ticket with customer support and clarify things with them.


Oh my goodness! Where in the world are you getting your information?

I don’t understand your end game. You keep spamming every single post – at least half of your responses are incorrect.

Asad -

Contact customer support and let them know you will be traveling abroad with timeframes such as:

  • I wanted to notify you that I may be traveling to either the USA and/or UAE from Oct 1 to Dec 31. I wish to continue to work on any orders I receive during those timeframes. Since I will be using my computer from different locations, I wanted to make sure you are aware so that my account will not be deactivated due to my country of origins changing.

---- Or something to that effect above. That way they know you are traveling and it should not be a problem. Your badge level has nothing to do with it.

Let us know how things go.


I would ask CS for guidance so that the IP change is expected and if there are issues you can have them reference the ticket in which you notified them.


I was at kansas in 2013 since i came Bangladesh, and i asked to fiverr what should i do now?
They had replied me that you are holding level 2 features so you can use Fiverr from anywhere.

I would never replied against this question if i didnt face this issues


That’s strange - your account shows you’ve only been a member since August 2017. :wink:

I think so long as you speak to CS, your level is irrelevant.


I was in Jamaica in December, Sicily/Rome in January, Paris in February, and i live in Miami, Fl - Contacted support beforehand just to make sure but they said there wouldn’t be an issue - traveled for 3 or 4 months: Never an issue! You should be fine :slight_smile:


I saw you joined fiverr 1 month ago and still you are new seller

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It would be better for you to contact CS first. :blush:


Thats my new one, i had experienced it on my first account which is not exist now

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thank you @gina_riley2

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thank you to all for considering me