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How can i use forum to increase my business?


can any one guide me about this?


What Business ? @asad_azad :thinking:


my gigs on fiverr sir @djwaruna


You can promote your gigs in My fiverr gig forum.
Read topics in tips for sellers
Send quotes for buyer requests.


Thank you,but where can i find this forum?


Er - you’ve found the forum - you’re posting on it. :sunny:

Here’s where you can post your gig:


Thank you alot sir …


No problem ma’am! :wink:


I visit the forum regularly to improve my communication skill. Here users share their experience, their strategy of work.There are a lot of conversation is always going on about improving gig, & how to deal with clients. You can follow those to make your strategy.


thank you for help…


The only way you can really use the forum to increase your business is by READING posts with advice made by others. Self promotion on the forum is spam unless it is done in the My Fiverr Gigs category - spam will be removed and may result in suspension or banning from the forum.


noteable thing sir…


Please don’t call everybody ‘sir’ - nobody likes it, and we’re not all male - hint! :wink:


ok,ok,sorry extremly?whats your country?


Where I come from is on my profile, but it doesn’t really matter as we’re all part of a global community. :sunny:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: 100000% agreed. I posted a BR few weeks ago. One seller called me sir :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl:BR


You have the patience of a saint sir :wink:




Indeed it is, ma’am. :wink:


That’s right… We’re all sick to death of this polite and well meaning behavior. Learn the proper, industry standard, forum etiquette and meme war yourself into a meltdown like the rest of the civilized planet.