How can I use paypal WITH fiverr balance?


For some reason I have 4$ in my account and I want to use 1.50$ from paypal and 4$ from my fiverr balance to pay for the gig. But it won’t let me do that -.-

How can I do this?


YOu can’t use a combination. You have to order a gig for the same amount or less of what is in your account.

How did you wind up with only a $4 balance?


Reply to @sincere18: he’s a seller, so probably he got these $4 from a sold gig.


Yeah, lucky for you it’s not a Fiverr credit. About the only thing you can do with that balance is to withdraw it to your PayPal account. Then add $1.58 to that $3.92 to buy a Gig.


Reply to @mark74: ah, thank you. So then the answer is to make some more sales and buy a gig.


Reply to @sincere18: Not so simple. If he sells another Gig, he ends up with $8 and then if he buys a Gig, he ends up with $3 and so on. I believe that his only choice to to withdraw his funds to his PayPal account to zero out his account or wait for eternity.


Reply to @ricksper: not if the custom quotes of a gig they might sell will work. I wasn’t thinking about just $4, but rather more.

5 gigs, at $4 each, earns you $20 which would be enough to buy 4 gigs.


Reply to @sincere18: Sure, but I get the impression that he just wants to buy a Gig by adding to his balance. Waiting until he makes a sale will take x amount of time plus 14 or more days.


Reply to @ricksper: true, but that is a way to do it…