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How can I verify my email?

I am Arif Tusar. I am new a new seller at Fiverr. I created my Fiverr account 4 days ago. But still now my email is not verified. I am trying to verify my email in several times but failed.No verify message come to my email account. How can I verify my email account ? My phone no is verified.
Thank you
Arif Tusar


Same thing is happening to me, Don’t know what’s the solution

Your e-mail setting has been a mistake
Your e-mail receipts appear not set
So check e-mail settings
(See also)
See if there’s any emails here
Otherwise there’s a configuration error
If the email is received, the account will not be confirmed
Without the confirmation of the account, the phone number is not confirmed
Therefore, make sure the settings are correct

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i am struggling with same is there any one who can help i have reported but i still cant find any way out of it

what am i suppose to do in setting ,i have checked all the mails every option and also my mobile number is verified