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How can i win project easily?

How can i win project easily and quick ?


Neither is likely to happen. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website, and hard work connecting to your customers will be required. If you expect quick and easy, then you are in the wrong place. You are a freelancer – your gigs are a business. The only way to be successful here is to treat those gigs as you would run a business.


I will suggest you @muhammadmunsif keep on updating your gigs. Once you have made your gigs you should Update your portfolio gallery often. Try to make changes to your description. Change the cost of your gig. I am new here as well I told you all the things I have done myself. Best wishes!

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hmmm thanx for this i will do this.

Have you checked the buyer’s requests option? people post their projects and you can place bid on them. Only select the projects that matches your skills. (I got 4 stars and I can no longer bid on buyers requests so be very careful on your order and try to get 5 stars)