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How can i withdraw from cancellation


I cancel one gig and it worth $200. How can I withdraw this money?


Unfortunately you can’t. If you’ve placed an order and it has been canceled, it would remain on your account.

  1. If you mean you had placed an order then cancelled it through the resolution, you can click on withdraw cancellation only if the other party hasn’t accepted it.
  2. If you mean you removed an offer in the buyers request section, there is no way of getting it back.


I just need to make myself understand this well, so you mean if that´s the case the buyer can withdraw his/her money back, is that correct?


yes if you click on cancel order, you can still click on withdraw order before the other party accepts it.


@phantompower Kk, thanks, good to know that. Sorry I ran out of hearts. I can only give hearts again in about one hour :slight_smile:


If the seller isn’t being cooperative you can have support manually cancel the order. (Within reason)


Thats the worst. Even if I can’t respond to a message I always reply with a note saying I’ve received their message.

Let me know the outcome!


Kk, thank you.

Oh WOW now I can give a heart again! :slight_smile:


@thecreativeguys I withdrawn a couple of my posts, long story short it´s all good now :slight_smile: