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How can I withdraw funds from Fiverr


I created my fiverr account about 7 months ago , though it was dormant because I was still trying to figure out how it works and if it’s worth my time. Something around this month, I created 3 gigs to test the service and luckily, I got 2 orders from the USA. Then, I delivered the gig and was rated 5 stars by the two buyers. The $10 bucks that was supposed to be turned into $8 bucks. I was also notified that in 3 days I would be able to withdraw the fund but it’s not working, before I stumbled into this forum on trying to find answers. Does anybody have answers?


I would like to use my $20 credit in Fiverr to purchase another gig. I cannot find the method for using credits to pay for gigs.


I would like to use my $20 credit in Fiverr to purchase another gig. I cannot find the method for using credits to pay for gigs.


I know this thread is old, but, you cannot withdraw your funds after 3 days. What you probably misread is that the order would be marked completed in 3 days automatically, unless the buyer left a review and marked it complete.

It takes 14 days after the order is marked complete to clear your funds and then you will be able to withdraw them to your PayPal or whatever form of payment you decided to use.



Thanks ma’am.


yeah, it takes 14 days for your funds to go to your account when the order has been marked as completed.

to withdraw just connect to paypal and then go to “sales” then “revenue” and you can see a Withdraw box for paypal, click on it to withdraw your money.

i recommend if you wait until you make huge money like $100 and then withdraw because when withdrawing to papal and converting money to your currency they will take some percentage off, so it’s best to wait a little longer, but if you want to try it out go ahead.


Thanks. But making $100 isn’t going to be that easy. Though, I’m now a level one seller but, it took months to get people to trust me and then good buyers too.


Congratulations on making your first $8! That’s very exciting. As others have suggested, I would try waiting until you have a higher amount to withdraw. If you can’t wait, find the Paypal or Fiverr Revenue Card withdraw options under Revenue in the Sales portion of your gig.

If you have any questions let me know. All the best!


Cong ruts you are xx$ richer, and the problem is you can’t withdraw your all fund until two weeks,

You can withdraw your fund trough paypal or payooner debit card.


Thanks guys, I’ve learnt to master it. I’m now on level 2. Used your help tho’.


But this payooneer, does it have anything doing with the Fiverr Revenue Card?


Fiverr Revenue Card is a Payoneer Card.


Okay, but besides the Fiverr Revenue Card, is there any other thing called a payoneer card?


If you’re asking if there are two different withdrawal options, one being the Fiverr Revenue Card, and the other Payoneer Card, the answer is no.


How to withdraw if no paypal is available…?? I am from Karachi, Pakistan and I have only Bank Account here or Money transfer like Western Union and Money Gram.


You can also withdraw to a Payoneer card.


Paypal, payoneer card are the way to withdraw money from fiverr.


Greetings to the Administrators of this Forum. I’ve joined Fiverr about 4 months ago, but was dormant until December, when I finally was able to give my attention to it. Since then I’m really enjoying my experience on Fiverr. I have 2 queries:

A) I’ve been noticing that most of my payments are marked ‘Revenue for order completion’, even though the orders were completed since like the second week in December. Any reason why? Also,

B) I have yet to link my card to my payment source, but I bust want to be specifically sure; I received a Payoneer card, and the options are either a PayPal Account or a Fiverr Revenue card. Is there a difference, or can I choose either?

My apologies if I’m duplicating any questions that were already answered, but I would really appreciate some clarity. Thank you :slight_smile: