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How can I withdraw money my shopping axount? [ARCHIVED]

I order too much gigs for one work and I told the seller refund this gig. Now I have 5$ in my shopping account. How can I Withdraw this money paypal?
Please help!

Any refund will come in the form of a credit from Fiverr, no monetary refunds are given

From the TOS:

Fiverr will not refund payments made for cancelled orders back to PayPal. Funds from order refunds are returned to the buyer’s balance and are available for future purchases on Fiverr


Thanks your answers!

How do you use those funds when you place a new order?

nice question.

So are they telling me i can only use my money on here and why cant it just to to paypal

Congrats! You’ve earned a $5 shopping balance credit to buy awesome Gigs on Fiverr how to use it


I have 2 dollars in my Shopping Balance !

How can I use this money for my future purchase ? As all gigs are worth more than 2 dollars?!?

Is there no way to transfer this to paypal?

Reply to @console4you: Custom price quotes may allow $2 orders, but not sure if the minimum is $5. Although the buyer fee makes it cost more than that.

please i need your help. A seller refunded my money $160 on fiverr, how can i transfer this to my paypal account?

I do not want to use my money for another “gig” as the seller has cancelled my order (and he was supposed to be the best) I do not wish to waste any more time going to and from other sellers who may also cancel my order.

Therefore I paid by my visa card (direct from my bank) and therefore need the money returned directly to my bank account. Otherwise it appears that fiverr are keeping peoples money who no longer trust the service of their sellers.

The help page does not come up and there is no contact for fiverr - these kind of sites don’t feel very healthy to me.

I would just like my money returned to my bank.

Thank you - Gillian

I kind of felt cheated by this site… ordered a service of a top seller, and suddently the guy quits… now I`ve wast already many hours trying to find other people to do the job… really sad experience. First and last time using this service. really sucks

My experience: I placed an order for a gig, the seller then said that it would cost more to complete. I added the requested money to the account, then the seller still said it would cost more. I tried contacting the seller multiple times but she wouldn’t respond. I tacked on the additional funds and a few days later she cancelled the order, refunding the money to my shopper balance. Now I can’t get that back and this feels like I’ve been robbed.

I will never give another dime to this website.

if you have available fund in “SHopping account”. this amount will be not withdrawal, you can only use for purchase another gigs for this balance.

I over loaded funds onto my account, I’m also trying to figure out how to return it back to my account. I feel like my funds are being held hostage :frowning:

I’m fed up with fiverr. I’ve been paying a lot via custom gigs to get bigger projects done. But then the seller bails for some reason and I end up paying COSTS plus I cannot get the money OUT of my account. I’m going to stop using fiverr very soon as its proving hard to find reliable people to work even for good money, compared to upwork for example.

Reply to @disruptively: I think a minority of people here are trying to fraud people. If you leave a negative review to someone, you can scare off other potential buyers and lower the average rating of the seller. This can completely ruin a newer seller’s sales so they generally do their best to satisfy the buyers. Even the sellers with tons of reviews, who wouldn’t be affected by a single negative rating, still wouldn’t want one in their profile so they also tend to work hard to get a good review.

It’s unfortunate that you stumbled upon the unreliable people, but you can definitely find competent ones if you try.

@zeromark But if we discuss the job, they agree, they then try and pull the wool and waste my time and its costs me money. I think in the future, I will ensure that I have one gig @ $5 and the $XX-5 left for the work, That way I can leave a bad review for messing me around.

What annoys me, if a job is cancelled and its say $100, I cannot realistically leave bad feedback as the job is always cancelled. Next time, I will always break gigs this way, $5 and $95 and always leave negative feedback. I’m sick and tired of losing my money from costs taken from fiver. It feels like a casino sometimes on fiverr.

ok i think this is wrong idid the same thing i was trying to do 5.00 and they charged me 47.00 took it out of pay pal and dont want to give it back gave me a fiverr balance then the seller sad i was going to get it back and so i did the 5.00 one again and they took it out of pay pal again not my balance i did a dispute with pay pal just waiting