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How can i withdraw my money from fiverr?

Dear Seller/buyers!

I want to know how can i withdraw my money from fiverr? Let me know a best way to get it from.

Best way is payoneer as paypal doesn’t supoort in your country

how with payoneer please tell me in full details

Hi Aamir amin,

It is strange that your account is about 10 months old and yet you haven’t withdrawn any money. You must have some stacked huge amount there :yum:

Talking about how to withdraw from Fiverr in Pakistan, You have two options:

  1. Payoneer
    In order to use this method you will create a payoneer account. Here is the link

Now, while creating this account you will be needed the following things.
i) CNIC number
ii) Address with Zip code
II) Your local bank account details i.e. account number etc (at final stage of the account to which you will withdraw the money)
and some other important credentials.

  1. Just attach your local bank account in the Bank Transfer option.
    Although I prefer Payoneer as that method is way fast and Dollar exchange rates are far better there.

Now, when you have created a payoneer account, you will attach it with Fiverr under the Earnings -> Fiverr Revenve Card.

By giving its credentials on fiverr; whenever you click on that Button i.e. Fiverr revenue card your amount will be transfered with an hour(most probably) to the payoneer.

From Payoneer you can easily transfer it to you local bank account such as Allied bank, HBL etc.

PS. The link that I provided you is a referral option from payoneer. If you follow that; You and I both will be given $25 for free. :wink:

Please feel free to ask, if you have any query whether here or at my account on fiver i.e. myounas853.

Kind Regards,

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