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How can i work fiverr from China


Hello! I am from Bangladesh. Now i am living in China. But China can’t accept google. So i am not working one years. How can i work fiverr from China. I have completed 100+ work from my fiverr profile. Now i want to start my work. Please help me how can i work from China. Also how can i improve my profile? How can i get more Order. But my work is very good and professional.


I want to know that, how people work from china


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I think he’s asking in regards to the Great Firewall…


Hi there!

Your location is still listed as Bangladesh even though you’re in China BTW.

You’ve been able to post here on the forum which is great.

I’ve seen other users’ location listed as China and they seem to be doing well. Perhaps you could find a couple of their posts and ask if it’s alright to PM them (on the forum) to find out how work on Fiverr from China?

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: