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How Can I work when the buyer want hourly based service?

Hello There,
Hope you are doing well. Some days ago one of my buyer wanted to get my service $15/hour rate. I did not agree with them. I am happy with sell gigs which is fixed price.

My question is how can I track my working hours? If they increase the hourly rate.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on that.
Thank you.

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On Fiverr you can’t - it’s designed to be gig based, not time based.


You can see some sellers providing personal assistance services gigs with price package of hour rates.

(eg : for 5$ they will assist for 2 hrs time)

But there is no option at fiver to track working hours. but if any clients want to track your working hrs while your are working on there project there are 3rd party apps to monitor.

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I know that. Now I am cleared about this from @irshan_cool

Thank you @irshan_cool I will let them know about 3rd party time tracker.

Sign up to And.Co. You can provide invoices based on a Fixed fee, or a hourly wage.

Can track my working hours?

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Um, you may have to check that out. I am sure you input a project, put in hourly wage and it generates it. I may be wrong though! Just double check it.

I will try definitely! :slight_smile:

Oh, and I forgot to mention - Instant payments without the fee’s when the client pays. PayPal or stripe.

But only for non-FIverr clients.


Any rules stating this?

Fiverr and are not integrated. Your Fiverr clients can only buy through Fiverr, and therefore, pay through Fiverr.

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Sounds like a good idea :ok_hand:

Um, that isn’t the response I’ve received from CS. That’s why I asked you for a link, stating this. I guess there isn’t any.

From here;

Hannah Curran
At this time both Fiverr and will continue to act as two separate platforms. Please continue to interact with your clients on Fiverr.

(Admin comment)

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Here’s a link:

Here’s what I meant: “Even though we are joining up with AND CO, all AND CO accounts and Fiverr accounts will continue to remain separate and independent from each other. Please continue to interact with your Fiverr clients on the Fiverr platform.”

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