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How can I write an effective description with proper format?

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You are competing for orders in the buyer request section. Unfortunately, just because you send a response to a buyer, does not guarantee that you are going to win that job. If you’ve been sending responses to buyers every day for the past four months, than it would seem that you are not connecting to those buyers, and you aren’t convincing them to hire you. Are you taking the time to custom-write every single response you send to each buyer? Are you addressing their needs in details, and showing the buyer how and why YOU are the best person for the job? Or are you sending a copy-paste message to each buyer, and hoping that will win you work?

If you want to win orders, you’re going to have to connect to the buyer, and you’re going to have to connect personally, individually, and professionally. There is no single “attractive description [written] in a proper way” that will do this. Each message should be personal, unique, and custom-written.


Thanks a lot for such kind of information :heartbeat: