How can i?


i think fiver is more heard now then past. in new fiverr it’s very heard to get an order for new seller. i started work in fiverr 3 month ago by another profile in that time i got an order per 3 days. i was level 1 seller. but some how i lost my rating so now i am working from this profile. but i in this time i am getting an order per 14/15 dayes. its been 15 dayes i have no order. even i am following some tips from fiverr forum. i am doing marketing on tweeter, pinterest and some other site. that’s why i am afraid of success in fiverr. please help me. can i success in fiverr! but how can i?


Reply to @voiceoverwork: thank you sir



I know nothing about delivering “views fast”. I’m not even sure what that is. It’s not my area of interest or expertise. But I do know about selling and delivering services and products.

In your case, 1 cancel out of only 5 orders is too high a ratio. My suggestion is do whatever it takes to get a minimum of 10 orders quickly and do NOT cancel any, be sure to over deliver all orders and your high cancellation rate will drop.

In the mean time reimagine and rewrite your gig descriptions.

You’re staring from a disadvantaged point. Be patient and it will turn around.


Reply to @madmoo: ok sir/mam i got it. thanks for your valuable speech. sir i tried my best but i cancelled 1 order because views is too slow. sir please give me some tips how can i deliver views fast. you are a level two seller and you have much experience then me i think your speech will be valuable for me. please answer me as soon as possible.




You have 4 gigs with only 4 sales between them AND a 16% cancellation ratio. Low sales and high cancellation ratio. This a warning sign to buyers. Your first order of business is to work tirelessly to eliminate your cancellation ration. I don’t know the math, but if you can do 10 orders with NO cancellations, your ratio will reduce dramatically. NO cancellations next 10 orders.

Your gigs are in a crowded, competitive and often suspect category. Beef up your bio profile to tell a buyer who you are, why you are good at what you do and list your credentials.

Your gig descriptions need some work. Explain what you do and explain what the results and benefits are. There is absolutely no reason to tell people you can handle 500 orders per day when you’ve only sold 1 gig in total.

4 gigs is too many to start with. Pick one and work it hard. Over deliver. Follow up. Promote it outside of Fiverr. Over deliver. Follow up.

Stop spamming the forum.

Read the forum.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Reply to @rinchan86: thank you sir/mam for reply. yep i also knew it. :stuck_out_tongue: but i saw it after pressing the button.


Well, for one, you should probably follow the rules. Not following the rules will result in a demotion. :stuck_out_tongue:

For example, spamming on the forum is against the rules. You’ve not only spammed your gig in the “My Fiverr Gig” section but also other sections as well. On top of that, you’ve also posted in the wrong section.

[Benefit of the doubt, it could have just been a glitch.]

If it’s not, however, just letting you know that it’s incredibly annoying and off putting. :stuck_out_tongue: