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How can improve and marketing my Gig and get sales?

I am a new seller on Fiverr. please tell me how can improve and marketing my Gig and get sales??

Thank you.


Hello Brother, Welcome To Fiverr

You can do Gig marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media

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Thank you brother. Which platform best marketing?

welcome here,
wish you good luck

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Like the first commentator stated, social media is a good place to promote your gigs. Aside from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I also recommend LinkedIn. Lots of business to business sales happen through that platform. I promote my Fiverr account on my LinkedIn pretty much every week, whenever I find the time.

Also, make sure you are going into the Buyer Requests section of Fiverr and submitting good proposals for jobs there. You get 10 free proposals a day. Use them! :grinning:


welcome to the fiverr world . keep marketing in social media .keep patience success will come soon inshaallah.

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Thank you for your good suggestion.

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