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How can improve english skill

Hi there,

How can I improve my English skills quickly?


If you type “improve English” in an internet search engine you will find numerous helpful posts on the subject.


I’m trying but not get improve

I’m very poor in english

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so i can’t convenes my client

if have any short rules please suggest me

i can help you to learn english

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Please, help me to learn english

yes i am ready to help you out

Today I have to cancel $30 order for poor English

forward those messages to me my bro don’t worry i will talk with them

how can connected with you?

You’ll need to drill the rules of English syntax into your head. The only way to do that is through repetition.

To improve your English, use a reputable workbook. Most ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers I know recommend “English Grammar in Use” by Raymond Murphy.

That’s the book I’d use if I were learning English.


I don’t know Raymond Murphy

I’m 1 year try many English rules but not get success

You have 30 reviews so your English must be sufficient.


I don’t understand many clients

thats way i need cancel my order

How it possible improve my english skill?

Your English doesn’t seem too bad. I can understand you, and you can understand me. I think you just need more deliberate practice. It’ll also help if you can immerse yourself in the language – watch English TV shows, listen to English songs, read English newspapers, etc.

If you want, you can get the book I recommended, and I’ll help you if you get stuck on any particular aspect of English grammar. Just come back and bump this thread.

If you can’t afford the book, try the British Council’s website. One section of it features English language lessons. The site isn’t as thorough as the book, but it’s free to use.

Best of luck. :slight_smile: