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How can Improve Gigs and how can Improve sales?


Dear all fiverr Leaders,

Could you Please tell me -How can I Improve my gigs and how can start and Improve sales?

I already make shining design of my gigs and I am sharing my gig on facebook.

here is my all gigs:


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Reply to @globalcareer:

Your profile and gigs look really good. Your English is excellent. I work collaboratively with non-native speakers (of different selling levels) to improve their gigs descriptions.

“I will Give you MLM / Network Marketing Training Slide in Power Point Presentation starting from $5.” - This is great, I can work with you to make it sound fantastic:

"I will create you a unique MLM/Network Marketing Training slide show using Power Point that will engage your audience. I will use my wealth of business presentation skills to ensure you have the ultimate power point presentation"

I am doing 2 for 1 gigs at the moment, and as a bonus here is an edited version of your excellent personal profile.

"I am a Professional Trainer on Business Presentation, Selling Skill Development, Leadership, Attitude Development, Motivation, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Multi Level Marketing and so many these types of field. I am also Provide powerful e-Books, Training,Training Slides, Social Posting etc."

Edited version

I am a Professional Trainer of Business Presentation, development of sales skills, leadership, attitude development, personal motivation, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and multi-level marketing. I also provide powerful e-Books, training slides, social posting and more. Contact me to discuss your needs.

I hope you have a million sales.


your gigs are ok, maybe you need to do some promotions outside fiverr, your gigs will catch attentions of prospective buyers outside of fiverr



If you can add new fresh video ?

You can increase your sale 200%.


Thank you for your valuable advice. I will be grateful to you really forever.