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How can improve my GiG and get First order


I am Rayhana Jahan. Just 02 days open fiverr account. Please visit my gig and give me some tips, How can i get my first order.

Thank you very much.


At first, You have to need open Gig with researching keyword, Secondly, Send Buyer Request and share your gig in social media. Finally, You have to be patient for buyer massage.


Thank you :grinning:

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Your Welcome :grinning:

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This article may be helpful New Sellers …. Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


Write good description in gig with low competitive keyword.


thank you so much

It is up to you. you’ve a gig, right? now first and foremost task is to do social media marketing. Also, give time on Forum AMAP.


Hi. Would you please provide any suggestion how to research keywords for Fiverr? I noticed every niche has a long list of sellers for each keywords. And for the least competitive keywords sellers ranked on has zero orders. So, how does keyword research work for Fiverr?


You can search on youtube and see that there are many videos on this topic on youtube.

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To do that you must first optimize your gigs.

Here are the main elements that go into optimizing it.

  1. Title of the gig - Getting the title right is incredibly important - it helps in searches and encourages people to click through. Write your title to specifically describe what you will do for the buyer. If you can, use evocative words (beautiful, powerful) that sets you apart from other sellers.
  2. Keywords - think about the keywords a potential buyer will type into the search box. Look at Google Trends and keyword research to see what people search for. Use those keywords.
  3. Images and samples - Never underestimate the power of images. They’re a chance to showcase your productivity and demonstrate the approach you take. They are another chance to validate your services and create a connection. I use PDFs of writing samples to show some of my work, too. If the images include a picture of you (and they should), make sure you smile.
  4. Packages - Describe exactly what each level of package does, and show the difference between them. Keep your descriptions short and concise. Add in any extras that are really going to create value for the buyer.
  5. About this gig - This is your chance to tell people what you can do. Start by briefly describing the gig, then talk about the outcome for the buyer.They want to know the benefits to them. I also describe how I work with buyers, because I’m demonstrating I understand their needs. I finish by giving a quick summary of my experience.
  6. FAQs - This is one of the most underused parts of the gig creation process. You have ten FAQ slots, and you should aim to use them all. Think about what your buyer would want to know about the gig and create a good response. It’s another opportunity to show you understand their needs and can deliver a result that will meet them.

Just find out low competitor gig keyword then make a attractive gig image and professional description with your gig keyword. It’s help your gig ranking then share your gig. I think you get more order asap.

Note: My suggest


Keep Patience, Hope one day you will


In the gig description:
Maybe reword “hare I provide”
Where it says “*High Regulation” do you mean “*High resolution”?

All 3 package descriptions are in upper case. Maybe it could use both upper and lower case characters.

Wa alaikum as salam.Try to be active as much as possible and Pray to Allah hope you will get soon.Thanks

Welcome to fiverr forum. You have to make your gigs to some targeted tag. And try to make nice and professional gig images.
Gig discription is good.
Go ahead
have a good day
Thank you

Send 10 buyer requests at a medium price.

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