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How can improve my Gig to get orders?

Hello everyone is there anyone can help me and see my gigs and tell me my gigs are right or wrong or what I need to improve my gigs .

Please help me

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There are some errors in your English which will not encourage someone to buy a writing gig from you.

What is error? Man can you please define it

@nashra219 Hi there, I’ve had a quick look at your gigs and there are a couple of small errors but nothing terrible. Make sure there are capital letters and full-stops where they are needed. The best advice I can give is to read through the gig yourself and make sure that it reads properly . Hope tht helps! :slight_smile:


@malikabdullah72. I suggest that you read through and make sure that the English sounds right or ask a native English friend to help. There are too many errors for me to list here! If you message me and send me a word document with one of your gig descriptions I will edit it free for you as a goodwill gesture :). If you want any more work done please see my gigs. Many thanks and good luck!

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ok i will check my gigs again

Aside some typing errors like “Frenchor” and weird expressions…I just saw your English <-> French translation Gig and could not help to notice only two tags below the Gig; “english to russian” and “english translation”. I don’t know how Russian ended up there. Someone searching for a Russian translation might stumble upon your Gig. Tags are very important. You can set “French translation”, “english to french”, “french to english” “english” “french”

Thanks you so much and please see my gigs on following link.

I think nashra we have to make team and help each other for getting orders here? If you like than we can do this .

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Its good to helping others to judge their competencies. Thanks

yes sure its a good idea to move on in this platform and it may help us to polish our fault areas.

but how we make a team?

Hi @malikabdullah72,
I need you to copy and paste the text into Word for me and message it to me and then I can help. Yes, @erminho is right, tags are really important if you want someone to find your gig.

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have check your gigs. change your tags it might be helpful for you.

What do you mean by tags?

i mean the the 5 required tags that are compulsory while making gig

Very kind and altruistic :smiley:

@lynddg That’s a nice thing to say. Thanks :smile:

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indeed she is a helping hand to the new ones