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How can increase Favorites of GIG.?


Hello Fiverr Members,

I want know about increase the favorites of my GIG.
Because many people message me through inbox to increase 100 favorites in only $5.
Its possible? or its against fiverr policy.?

Also many people ask my to sell my profile.
Kindly guide me.


Common sense and logic should answer at least your second question, but please refer to Fiverr’s Terms of Service (TOS), which you agreed to by opening your account.
Selling, or buying, accounts is a violation of the TOS and will result in account banning, do not buy or sell accounts.

Selling Accounts - You may not buy or sell Fiverr accounts.



you need to IMMEDIATELY report those users and open a customer support ticket, not just flag their messages.

Users that like your gig will favorite, which is the equivalent to bookmarking.

It’s a useless metric. Users only favorite gigs so that they can find them again easily.

Having 2000 favorites, will not make you any richer.


Fiverr Favorites? Why? They don’t even do anything for you. It’s just for customers to add their gigs to their favorite list.