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How can increase gig impression?

I create three gigs in fiver. tow gig I create a few days ago. so now my gig impression is very low, maximum 50 and no click.
So my question is what can I do now?
This is my first-time fiver forum post.
So forgive me for any mistake.
Thank you!


Here is 2 tips:

  1. Stay online as much as possible
  2. Share your gig in social medias
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Thank you for your valuable information.

Stay online as much as possible

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Stay online and share your gig in social media and SEO your gig image.

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Hello, omor. First of all you need to check your give status. If your gig is active, that’s fine, and if your gig isn’t active, you need to contact with Fever Support Team to active your gig, And to increase the impression of an active gig, you need to promote the gigs on social media.

check your gig status via this link below.

Thank You.

Thank You for the important information.