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How can increse gigs Impressions?

my gigs Impressions, increase day by day but solo .how can increase gigs Impressions?
if doesn’t increase Impressions what is the problem ?

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You can promote your gig. Share your gig in social media more & more in proper way.

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proper way.??? what is the proper way.?

On your profile you’re stating that you’re a social media expert yet you’re asking us how to promote your gig. If you can’t promote your gig in social media, then how can we (with limited social media experience) help you?
One of your gig says that you will promote any link in social media. Well, take your gig link and give it a try. If you don’t get any impressions or sales from that then maybe you should reconsider your service.

If you give us a bit more information what have you done so far then maybe we can figure out what you’re doing wrong.