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How can log out my fiverr acc

i lost my Phone a couple months ago, i was using fiverr app and now i got a new phone , but i think my fiverr acc still “ON” at my old phone ,someone can get into my acc if they have my old phone , so im asking if u guys know how to log out my fiverr at all devices and i will login again with my pc and my newphone
thank you very much


How about changing your password? That should get you (and the person who has your old phone if it’s still alive) thrown out of any instances of the app latest at the next action and ask to re-log (with the new password, obvs), at least that’s my experience with most, or all (?), apps when changing passwords and it’s how it should work if the app is well-done, I’d say.

If it was a couple months ago, and nothing happened to your account up to now, probably chances are that the finder wiped the phone to use or sell it, and that updates, complete power drain, restarts would have logged you out on that device anyway, I guess.


yes thank you

This morning someone has logged into my gmail account via my old phone, and have 2 vertify codes sent to my phone number, surely they are wanting to change my fiverr password. But I have changed all before, my new phone is still logged into fiverr even though I changed the password by my PC, that’s the problem.

Oh, that’s bad, of course, in that case, I’d inform Fiverr support right away if you haven’t already. Good luck with it being over soon!

yes, i will , thanks alot