How can make a perfect buyer request message for animation niche


Actually I am very interested to making animation . I send 100 buyer request then I got only 3 order from those requests. I want show my animation talent but my gig never ranked . Guys can you suggest me for this problem ? Or I want to see how experts convince their buyer in buyer request. Thank you .


then you can improve your gig and share it to social media


I share in fb and twitter there have no much follower and friend . I think this Technic is not suitable for me . I want people comment on my gigs , is it perfect or not .


only one thing remember you can take much time means a day you can more than 12 hours take time to fiverr to online and second is that you can view other experts gig for your feild and then change it to own gig


Thank you very much bro . I am becoming a big fan of you …